Ethan Rivers is an outsourced accounting and business operations firm in Greenville, SC. Whether you need to fully outsource your bookkeeping, finance and operations or just need additional oversight and expertise, we can help run and scale your business.

Core Principles

Accountants are people too.

We're not just calculators in ties. We look for ways to engage our clients and proactively communicate with them about their business. We sit next to you at Board Meetings and fight along side you in the day-to-day operations and bookkeeping aspects of your business. We're invested in you and your team. That means when we say something, we do it. 

Accountants love technology more than killing trees.

We're always on the hunt for the best technology and ways to do business. Whether we're implementing an innovative piece of technology to do business with you or assisting you in software implementation, we believe the future is in the cloud. We strive to be as paperless as possible in all of our interactions. That means when we use new technologies in a meaningful way, we love it.

Accountants know more than just tax.

We're not just needed on March and April 15th. We combine our years of business experience with our expertise in accounting and bookkeeping to give clients the complete picture of their business. We provide the what and how of your business to execute on your why. We approach finances with the whole organization in mind from operational efficiencies to impact on people. That means when you ask us for help beyond the numbers, we give it.